Airlines Representation and International Logistic

Servihandling Sociedad Anónima is an international logistics and services company for airlines, shipping companies, importers and exporters. We develop customized services for airlines in Cargo and Passengers. We analyze the requirements of companies for their foreign trade, facilitating their integral management.  We sell air, sea and land freight and take care of all customs procedures.

Our Values

Value Generation

For our customers, employees and partners through the design and implementation of innovative solutions for customers, rewarding career development and economic growth.


We observe, without excuses, clear rules of corporate ethical behavior and we are strict in their compliance.

Communication and Transparency

We practice communicational openness and transparency of the actions of the members of the company by encouraging communication and dialogue.


We believe in excellence in everything we do. We put it into practice in every task we do. The incorporation of innovation is a characteristic of our model of excellence in continuous improvement.


Customer Satisfaction

We are interested in the success of our clients in their business. We have experience in the management of the particularities and logistic conditioning of LATINOAMERICA. Our business knowledge exceeds what is strictly logistic. 

We take into account the unique details that differentiate the regions and respect cultural diversity, in order to create value for our clients with innovative solutions that expand the boundaries of what is currently possible, thus generating new options.


Integrated Logistic Solutions

We design and implement the best logistics solutions for our clients solving all their import and export needs. We have the infrastructure, experienced and trained staff that fully meet the requirements of our customers.

We Are The Solution

We offer an optimal service in terms of quality and management times.